Bazar of  Ardebil



Geographical status:
Longitude: 48, 18

Latitude: 48, 15
Altitude: 1349 m above sea level

Average annual temperature: 8/5 degree

Hottest month: August with 17/7 degree

coldest month: February with -2/0 degree

Average annual precipitation: 300 mm
Maximum precipitation in one day: 66 mm

Average relation humidity: ----

Average number of freezing day: 151 day
Population(1996): 563477

 Sheik Saffieddin Ardebili

Sheik Saffieddin Ardebili, Saffieddin Abol Fath Ashagh Ibn Amiroddin Jebraeel Ibn Saleh Ibn Qotboddin

Ahmad, the 14th century gnostic and mystic was born in the Kalkhoran of Ardebil. He was born in 1252 AD

and passed away in 1335 AD in Ardebil.

Saffieddin Ardebili is the grand ancestor of the Safavid kings. He was much interested in Sufism when young

and that is why he travelled to Shiraz where he began learning interpretation. He also met with Sa'di. He spent

22 years in the service of his instructor Sheik Zahed Gilani and finally succeeded him. Sheik Saffiedin Ardebili

is an outstanding figure in Sufism. The Sheik's spiritual influence and as a result his political influence in Asia

Minor had caused the concern of the Ottoman Sultans. He composed poems in Azeri and Farsi (Persian)


His son succeeded him after death.


The Bazaar of Ardabil

In the form of a complex, the Bazaar of Ardabil is composed of all elements which form a traditional bazaar like

small shops, aisles, public bath and a mosque. The bazaar of Ardabil is located in the center of the city on the

sides of Imam Khomeini avenue. This complex enjoys antiquity. The early travellers who have mentioned the

bazaar of Ardabil include Moghaddasi and Estakhri in the tenth century . They describe the bazaar in the form

of a cross formed of four smaller units. The existing bazaar and its components belong to the Safavid

(1499-1723) and the Zandieh (1755-1891) eras. The ceilings of the bazaar are inter-joined domes in simple

form. The bazaar is composed of the main section, the goldsmith bazaar, Gheisarieh bazaar, Pir Abdol Malek

section, turners bazaar, shoe-makers bazaar and Gholaman (servants) bazaar.

Sar Ein Spas

The Sar Ein or Sar Ghein village, a district of Irdimoosi village, is located in the west of Ardabil city and is only

28 kilometers from the city of Ardabil and 6 kilometers from the Ardabil - Tabriz road. The hot mineral waters

of Sar Ein are products of the volcanic activities of Milan mountain. The following lists the most important spas

of this region.

1- Gavmish Goli (buffalo pool) hot mineral water is the biggest hot mineral stream of Sar Ein. The temperature

of the water is 45 degrees centigrade, its PH is 5.8 and its electrical conductivity at 20 degrees is 1450, and

finally its output is about 30 liters a second.

2- Ghara Sue (black water) hot spa with a water temperature of 141 degrees centigrade and a PH equalling 6.

Its electrical conductivity at 20 degrees is 1450 and its output about 1.5 liters a second.

3- Sari Sue hot spa (yellow water)- The water temperature of this stream is 47 degrees where it pours out and

44 degrees in the pond, the PH is 6.2, its electrical conductivity at 20 degrees is 1350 and its output is about

three liters a second.

4- Gazal hot water spring, with a temperature of 43 degrees in the pond and a PH equal to 6. Its electrical

conductivity at 20 degrees is 1440 and its output is about 1.5 liters a second.

5- Ab Cheshmeh, with an output of about 6 liters a minute is used as remedy for eye diseases. Its temperature

is 21 degrees and its PH 5.2.

There are other hot water spas like Besh Baji Lar and Ghahveh Khaneh Hemmat which are classified as

gaseous Chloro Bi- Carbonated Calcic waters containing a good amount of silica. Considering the electric

conductivity, all these spas appear to have one single origin in the very depth of the ground. When streaming

up some Calcium Carbonate is added to it .